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           "A delusion is a belief ...arrived at through other than logical means

              which cannot be changed by the usual methods of logic and persuasion."

5/12/65 -- William Crowley, M.D.



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The Wisconsin Forensic Unit (WFU) was formed in 2001 in contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) to conduct outpatient competency to proceed evaluations (see Wisconsin Statute 971.14) of adult defendants throughout Wisconsin's 72 counties.  WFU examiners, psychologists and psychiatrists, perform these focused forensic mental health evaluations throughout Wisconsin, providing the Courts with thorough, quality, and timely reports focused on the psycholegal issue of competency to proceed.  Dr. Deborah Collins is the current Director of the WFU after serving as the Assistant Director for eight years under recently retired Director Dr. Kenneth Smail. The WFU office is located in the Milwaukee County Safety Building adjacent to the Courthouse and is managed by Ms. Kathy Zane.

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