Brant Murray, LSW

Licensed Social Worker
Behavioral Specialist - OCRP / JBCR / JCRP

Brant Murray, LSW received his bachelor’s degree from UW-Stout and is currently working on his Masters in Clinical Counseling through UW-Superior.  Brant brings a wide array of experience to the Behavioral Consultants team.  Brant spent 6 years as a Juvenile Officer, 5 years as a Social Worker in Child Protective Services and with the Intellectually Disabled and Developmentally Disabled populations and most recently 2 years as a Middle School Counselor.  Brant is extensively trained in cultural competence, social skills techniques, mental health awareness, and numerous counseling strategies.  In June of 2022 Brant joined Behavioral Consultants Inc. as a Behavioral Specialist where he is responsible for providing psycho-education therapy for both adult and juvenile defendants.

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